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VFL calibration unit for gas meters

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A calibration unit for gas meters in your own company can be used, depending on your demand, for calibration of gas meters, for research or for checking defective gas meters. The VFL units calibrate meters with air under ambient conditions.

vemm tec delivers test stands for:

  • turbine gas meters
  • rotary displacement gas meters
  • ultrasonic gas meters
  • vortex gas meters
  • bellow gas meters
  • differential pressure meters, for instance, V-cone meters with pulse-voltage-current or differential pressure output

For standard systems the minimum flow is 0.5 m³/h and the maximum flow is 1,000 m³/h, 2,500 m³/h, 4,000 m³/h, 6,500 m³/h or 10,000 m³/h.

The system includes the following unit parts:

  • reference meter unit with control
  • unit for the meter to be tested
  • valve flow control
  • speed-controlled fan
  • PC with control and measurement software
  • pipe lengths for test specimen and connections

There are options for:

  • simultaneous testing of several meters
  • smaller minimum quantity
  • special test specimens
  • measurement of meters without pulse output
  • special certification
  • special requirements to the standard meters
  • delivery of transfer normal

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