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IGTM-WT turbine gas meter

The IGTM-WT meter is a precise and low-priced turbine gas meter for secondary and industrial volume measurement. In its basic design the meter has an 8-digit mechanical register and a low-frequency pulse output. A medium-frequency pulse output (NAMUR) is optionally available. The IGTM-WT meter has a wafer type design and is installed between 2 flanges.

The IGTM-WT meter can be used for measurement of various types of gases, such as natural gas, air, nitrogen, biogas*)

Available ranges

  • from 10 to 2,500 m³/h
  • with diameters of DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN150 and DN200 - every IGTM-WT meter is suitable for installation between 2 flanges PN10/16 or ANSI150#RF
  • with low-frequency Reed (contact) sensor and optional medium-frequency  NAMUR sensor
  • with aluminium housing
  • accuracy of ±1.5% (of 20%-100%) and ±3.0% (of a minimum of 20%)
  • suitable for connection to a PTZ-BOX volume converter (for instance, PTZ-BOX 3.0 ) for conversion to normal volume

*) Special design

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