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High Pressure Calibration at vemm tec Laboratory P5

Hochdruck Prüflabor HPCL P5
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The High Pressure Calibration Laboratory HPCL P5 is a closed loop system, operating with air under pressure. At HPCL P5 we can offer to calibrate many different types of gas meters e. g. gas turbine meters, rotary gas meters, ultrasonic gas meters, V-Cone gas meters.

High pressure calibration of new meters at our own premises means for our customers to save time and consequently significantly shorter delivery times.

Besides calibration of new meters we calibrate and adjust meters which were already in use. This can be part of a repair or revision. Furthermore we offer customers to rent our HPCL P5 for research and tests on an hourly or daily rate.

  • Flow rate:   1 – 80000 nm³/h
  • Test pressure range from 1 bar(g) to 50 bar(g)
  • Diameters: DN 50 (2”) to DN 200 (8”)
                      (larger sizes on request)
  • Flanges:     PN 10 – PN 100 or ANSI 150 – 300 – 600
                      (RF or on request)
  • Maximum length of a meter run – 4500 mm

This project was co-financed by the federal government and the state of Brandenburg (Germany).

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